What is Steora™ ?

Steora is the world's best street bench. It provides phone charging and internet to users and beautifies the street. All powered by green solar energy. Steora is more than a bench. Steora is the future of cities.


The Latest In Smart Bench Technology

Mobile Device Charging

Steora is equipped with an independently developed wireless device charger and two smart USB connectors, providing fast charging for mobile devices whilst ensuring battery protection.

Mobile Internet

Internet access is constantly available in Steora's near surrounding delivered by a superfast 4G mobile router.


Autonomy and independent solar power allow Steora to be easily mounted anywhere, without the need for special infrastructure, machinery or cables. Just install the bench and start using it!

Automatic Updates

Steora has in-built sensors which gather different sorts of information, including atmospheric conditions, number of users and component functionality.

Data Gathering

Steora has in-built sensors which gather different sorts of information, including atmospheric conditions, number of users and component functionality.

Solar Powered Autonomy

Integrate solar panels power Steora entirely. Carefully optimizing its energy consumption, Steora never shuts down and works autonomously irregardless of weather conditions.

Temperature Controlled Seating

In-built cooling system ensures that the seat temperature remains pleasant in all weather conditions. Large fans and special design funnel the air in the summer time to keep the seating surface and the bench from overheating.

Ambient Lighting

The stylish adaptive lighting illuminates a two-meter radius around the bench, enabling users to utilize its functions no matter how dark it gets.

Resistant to Vandalism

Steora is bolted down and locked to prevent any unauthorized opening. If Steora is ever shut down, our internal tracking system will notify you immediately.

High Quality Build Materials

High quality materials ensure protection against weather and vandalism. Modern composite materials combined with simple minimalistic design guarantee quality even after few years of usage.




Name: Power Mode s.r.o

Company address: Láb 619, 900 67 Láb

Contact: +421 940 322 156

Mail: igor@powermode.eu

Name: Cleanair Energy

Company address: GPO Box 1691 - Osborne Park, West Australia 6916

Contact: +61 4 7875 0523

Mail: info@cleanairenergy.com.au

Name: Sef

Company address: FAABORGVEJ 44 - DK-5700 SVENDBORG, Danimarca

Contact: +45 212026563

Mail: kso@sef.dk

Name: LUNAG Kft.

Company address: Szabadföld 5., 7693 Pécs, Hungary

Contact: +36 30 890 1978

Mail: info@okospad.hu

Name: Milan Tomich AB

Company address: Filtervägen 9, 825 32 Iggesund, Sweden

Contact: 070-526 98 55

Mail: milan@steora.se

Name: Arabco Smart Technology

Company address: Technohub 1,2, Dubai, UAE

Contact: 00971 50 657 6560

Mail: ceo@arabcosmartech.com


Total energy output in kWh
Total energy consumed in kWh
USB charging
Wireless charging


What are the exact technical specifications? Any member of our team will be happy to supply you with a copy of the latest Steora technical specifications.

How big is the bench and how much does it weigh?

The bench dimensions are:

  • Height - 51.2 cm
  • Width - 45 cm
  • Length - 178 cm
  • Weight – 88 kg

The bench dimensions are in line with those of standard street benches, allowing four people to sit on the bench simultaneously. The height of the bench is designed to improve comfort, reduce the need for a back support and therefore allow better solar charging.

How is the bench installed?

It is quick and easy to install Steora. First, we need a solid foundation such as concrete, asphalt or stone with no cables or pipes running through it. Next, two holes are drilled into the floor and rawl plugs are inserted. Bolts are then inserted from inside the bench and screwed into place. The mobile Internet SIM card is then inserted into internet USB stick and the bench is locked, ensuring the bolts and inner electronics cannot be tampered with.

What does the warranty cover?

Steora comes with a 2-year warranty covering any internal malfunctions or damage due to weather. (The warranty doesn’t cover vandalism or accidental damage.)

Any problems covered by the warranty will be addressed within 48-72 hours of being reported. If it’s not possible to repair the bench, we will replace it with a fully functioning model.


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